About Us

Who we are

C3 is a story of three sisters, connected by blood, soul, and spirit. Christine, Caroline, Carine, three Cs are driven by creativity, passion, and boldness. Every C adds a particular value to this vision. A vision of innovatively and genuinely bringing life to a piece that was once left purposeless.

The first C, introduces the artistic and creative perspective.

The second C, the one who is overseeing the project from the other world and who has made it financially realistic, guides the way with constant inspiration and blessing.

The third C is the practical eye-opener and the backbone of this initiative.

What we do

C3 is about beautified functional objects, all made with passion and craze. Every piece combines art and utility, an inspiration-driven journey of transformation from a raw, useless object, to a unique and creatively made piece of art.

Plus feature

We welcome your aspirations and desires, and work on a customized realization that brings uniqueness, beauty and functionality.

On your special occasion or corporate event, we’re enthusiastic to plan, design, and craft special products.

" Art is not only a decoration, it is also a purposeful ornament. "